Software Audio Console & SAWStudio shades
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SAC TotalMixer - $9.95 » Windows PC compatible
  SAC Facelift - $19.95 » Windows PC compatible
The TotalMixer look for Software Audio Console is based on my design currently in use by RME for their TotalMix software utility. For engineers familiar with DIGICheck and TotalMix, this shade provides a consistent look to enhance their workflow and unify the components on screen.   The Facelift shade is designed specifically to enhance the visual ergonomics and ease of navigating the Software Audio Console. The familiar hot zones and color-coded channel functions are easily identified for improved workflow. It's packaged as 3 separate shade modes to accommodate varying ambient lighting conditions and user preferences. Three looks, one price.
SAC Evol - $9.95 » Windows PC compatible
  SAWStudio Evol - $12.95 » Windows PC compatible
'Evol' marks a milestone in the evolution of my work with the Software Audio Console. This shade is specifically designed for long term comfortable viewing, especially under low light conditions.   NEW! Introducing 'Evol' for SAWStudio. Increase the visual ergonomics of your DAW application, improving your workflow and efficiency while reducing eye fatigue. Join the EVOLution!
I've also created Evol shade bitmaps for the optional
Frequency Analyzer and Levelizer.
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