Heir Apparent - Progressive Power Metal Rock Band  

Born in 1984, Heir Apparent is regarded as a legendary progressive power metal rock band in the underground scene, releasing the studio albums Graceful Inheritance & One Small Voice in the 1980's, and The View From Below in 2018.

Heir Apparent is extremely honored by the response to our third album, "The View From Below", on No Remorse Records. Thank You to all our dedicated fans and promoters for the continuing support and concert opportunities we've enjoyed over the years.

Heir Apparent has now completed three studio albums with three uniquely talented vocalists, continuing their legacy of timeless songwriting from epic rock ballads to aggressive metal. 2021 brought the re-release of the entire catalog in various forms. Foundations I & II, a compilation of rare demos and live recordings, span from 1983 to 2003 on a two CD set. A special edition of One Small Voice remixed and remastered, which contains only songs written as Heir Apparent between 1987 & 1988. This release includes material that did not appear on the original 1989 release. Lastly, a classic edition reissue of Graceful Inheritance on vinyl, CD, and cassette. Current ordering options are available in links below. Check the PRESS/RESOURCES page for album reviews, concert reviews, interviews, events, and links to reissues and merchandise. We provide an assortment of free audio content on this website, as well as band history, song lyrics, and links to social media. Thank you again for your continued support of progressive power metal!

Heir Apparent

2015-2019 Lineup:

Will Shaw - vocals
Terry Gorle - guitar
Derek Peace - bass
Op Sakiya - keyboards
Ray Schwartz - drums


Heir Apparent discography



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