Heir Apparent  

The return of thinking man's metal:
"The View From Below"...

Heir Apparent is extremely honored by the response to our long-awaited third album, "The View From Below", on No Remorse Records. Ordering options are available in links below. Check the MEDIA page for album reviews, concert reviews, upcoming events, and merchandise. In addition to the 19 tracks of live concert video from our headlining performance at the Headbangers' Open Air Festival in Germany on July 27, 2019 (linked below), we provide about 2 hours of free audio and video content on this website, as well as band history, song lyrics, and links to social media. Thank you for your support. Enjoy!

Heir Apparent (2015-2019)


Will Shaw - vocals

Terry Gorle - guitar

Derek Peace - bass

Op Sakiya - keyboards

Ray Schwartz - drums


The View From Below - 2018